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ICT Experts Heading in Dhaka to Enhance Agricultural Development in Bangladesh: Connecting Farmers and ICT

ICT Experts Heading in Dhaka to Enhance Agricultural Development in Bangladesh: Connecting Farmers and ICT - See more at:"This is true, when a hawker shouts in streets and lanes to collect and buy trashed papers from house as well as watching a video song in cell phone, to imagine undoubtedly the fascination of mobile use in Bangladesh" said by Dr. Craig Meisner, Country Director, World Fish Center at the very early morning of 3rd December at E-AG Conference 2014.
This event is holding at Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka. Not only him, several speakers mentioned as the same that they are fully motivated with the scenario of mass use of mobile on an average of 73% of Bangladeshis and 50% poor families have cell phone. It is not the matter that the device is used widely, the fact is that it the most vital tool to communicate with farmers, share formation and deliver services to accelerate the agricultural development in the country.
Ether youths or even older persons are very eager to use the device and ready to accept services through it. There are many successful stories in most developed countries and now in several developing countries like Bangladesh. Putting the ICT in the front, from experts to researchers, University faculties, beneficiaries and policy makers gathered in the conference to present their activities, share experiences and delivers difficulties they are facing to step forwards. They hope to carry the issue of connecting ICT with agriculture and make the farmers more functional and efficient in Bangladesh. 
The team of YPARD (Young professionals for Agricultural Development) Bangladesh has the gratitude to the organizers for finding scope to act as social media representative for the event.
The two days conference will be held to find recommendations to the government to bring the service comfortable to the farmers and related stakeholders. This conference is solely organized by partnership with BIID (Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development), mPower, MEAS and CRS. All the people in the field of ICT and agriculture sectors are looking forward for the outcomes of this long-waited event.

Source: Little Throughts.