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"Young people need to get engaged in the policy sector, they need to be mobilized"

Video: Bringing Youth into Agricultural Policy | Farming FirstThese are Courtney Paisley 's words, during her video-interview with Farming First Coalition on "What can be done to bring more young people into policy discussions around agriculture?"

The average age for farmers around the world is around 58. According to YPARD director, young people are not being shown the opportunities that are available in agriculture, and how it can make money.

"We need to talk to young people, to engage with them. As we build a sector that is more innovative, we will get that interest in young people and they will start getting back into the agriculture sector."

Courtney stresses the fact that policymakers don't look for the input of young people. Young people are frustrated of not being involved in these process, she adds.

"We need young people engaged in the agricultural system because this is what they will inherit and we need them to be part of it so that they can build the future that they want."

In order to get young people motivated and to engage them into policy discussions related to agriculture, YPARD director underlines the need for organisations to realise the value of young people and what they can contribute.

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Watch Farming First’s video-interview with Courtney Paisley.