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Crowdfunding for social impact in agriculture: Top tips and resources

Start Some GoodHello!

Stephanie from StartSomeGood here. We're the global crowdfunding platform for social impact and we've hosted projects in over 38 countries around the world, focused on everything from healthcare, social business, education, and yes - agriculture!

I'm excited to present the upcoming webinar on Crowdfunding for Social Impact in Agriculture exclusively for YPARD members and wanted to share some tips and resources you can explore before we meet:

  1. Curious and want to start learning now? Great! we have tons of resources to share, including a free email crowdfunding course that you can sign up to on our homepage - just look for the green sign-up widget in bottom right corner. Also, to learn about the rules and requirements of crowdfunding on our platform, check out the How it Works and FAQ section of our website.
  2. In Australia? Come along to one of our upcoming events in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Alternatively, if you'd like us to come to your city just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do!
  3. Start planning! Now is the time to grow your online reach through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and identifying key ambassadors for your cause. They might be leaders in the community or well known bloggers - be targeted in your outreach and form a team of volunteers who can help you with setting up and promoting your crowdfunding campaign. Write down at least 5-10 people who will donate to your crowdfunding campaign in the first week.

TIP: Hootsuite: This is a fantastic tool for growing and managing your social media presence across platforms

BONUS: For our YPARD community, here's access to our Grow-It! eBookA special crowdfunding guide for food startups.

I'm truly excited for the opportunity to meet with you, hear about your project ideas and answer any questions you have about crowdfunding!

If you can't make it along to this webinar but still want to get in touch, email me at stephanie[@] and mention you're a YPARD member - I'd be happy to help you and invite you to a future webinar.

Register to the webinar and See you 30th September!



Stephanie ArrowsmithStephanie Arrowsmith is Manager of Global Partnerships at StartSomeGood and passionate about working at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and social change. With over 5 years of experience in nonprofits, fundraising and advocacy, she has helped launch over 100 crowdfunding campaigns globally and is excited to be part of a team that is empowering social entrepreneurs with the tools they need to turn ideas into action.

As a mentor at MaGIC: the largest social impact accelerator in ASEAN, Stephanie is dedicated to building the social entrepreneurship movement in Asia-Pacific with a special interest in development. Happiest with her backpack on, Stephanie loves exploring new places, turning strangers into friends and trying exotic foods. Connect over Twitter @stepharrow

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