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Welcoming the new YPARD Bangladesh communications focal point: Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at the Jahangirnagar University (JU), Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and continued his academic career with an M.Sc. degree in Environmental Sciences with a major in Global Climate Changes and Environment at the same university.
Over the years, his passion for learning from locals and first-hand experiences has led him to the remotest areas of Bangladesh including coastal and northern districts where agriculture sector is seriously affected by drought and salinity intrusion respectively. Such situations are highly influenced by the adverse impacts of global climate change.
During his academic studies, he worked with the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) under the project Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE) Research on Glacier and Snowpack Dependent River Basins for Improving Livelihoods. While working on this project he had visited remote areas of the northern districts of Bangladesh which are highly affected by drought, flooding and river bank erosion. He had conducted field research on the impacts of natural disasters on agricultural systems and identified local coping mechanisms in agriculture sector against such natural hazards.  
In addition, while working with Department of Environmental Sciences, JU and Christian Commission for the Development of Bangladesh (CCDB), he excelled in preparing an inventory of technologies in practice for drinking water source in salinity affected coastal areas of Bangladesh and developed understanding for the implementation of environmental regulations to address the fresh water scarcity scenario brought about by the impact of climate change. His contributed proposal titled Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture in Bangladesh Using ICT was the semi-finalist of the competition led by MIT Climate CoLab in 2015.
For his master thesis, Mahbubur, in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Sciences, JU, conducted field research in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, with the aim of linking Rural-Urban Migration and exploring the impact of urban land use and land cover change on the urban environment. This study has given him extensive knowledge on the impact of rural-urban migration on urban informal settlement’s growth, socioeconomic condition of the urban informal settlers and suggested alternative strategies and approaches for a better land use and resettlement planning of urban areas.  
During his graduation and post-graduation study, he was involved in several extracurricular activities and volunteered with different national and international organisations such as MIT Climate CoLab, Oxfam Bangladesh, Earth day Network,,, Bangladesh Junior Academy of Science (BJAS), JICA, DOE, etc. As an extra curriculum activity, he is also the co-founder and editor of an online environmental magazine named ‘Green Magazine’ which is first of its kind in Bangladesh. He has presented his research works in national and international conferences and have published several articles in peer-reviewed international journals. He was selected as a fellow of GOBESHONA Young Researchers Program-2017 arranged by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). 
His first interaction with the YPARD team was during 2015 while he worked as Freelance Interpreter and Translator in the training program on Gender and Nutrition which held in Khulna, Bangladesh. After a fruitful conversation with Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam, the Country Representative of YPARD Bangladesh, he decided to join the YPARD team as a Communication Intern of YPARD Bangladesh Chapter from May, 2017.
With the support of YPARD Core-team, as an intern:
  • He will be taking the lead on updating the information available on the YPARD Bangladesh network and in different websites in our dedicated language, including opportunities, events, featured ARD news for Young Professionals, key documents and videos for the e-library and video gallery. This includes finding the relevant information and publishing information on theose webportals.
  • He will be promoting this information via the different official YPARD Bangladesh  social media accounts – Facebook page and groups, LinkedIn page and group, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • He will be leading the development of Young Professionals’ testimonials/Young Minds profiling series for the Showcase in Bangladesh.
  • He will be solicited to translate some YPARD blogs, news articles and the testimonials from other Bengali language to English.
  • Will lead communication between the members and other stakeholders through online as well as if necessary in ground.
  • Write blogs or public writings in Bengali or English or both in YPARD website and/or sometimes in news media.
As a young professional, Mahububur feels that “an interactive platform or network can act as a useful tool for like-minded people” and therefore he encourages other youthful minds to join this knowledge platform who has the passion for sustainable agriculture practice. He believes that by the mutual efforts of all the YPARDians, it is possible to bring a positive change within the agricultural sector of the country. 
He is motivated to work in the research field of climate change, agriculture and sustainable development. He loves travelling and interested in sharing creative ideas.
If you are from or based in Bangladesh and would like to become involved in the YPARD Bangladesh activities please contact Mahbubur via
Photo credit: Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman