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CSAC: Climate Smart Agriculture Compliance

Meet Steve Maximay. He is a consultant running his business Science Based Initiatives out of the island of Grenada.

He has created a trade marked licensed tool called the Climate Smart Agriculture Compliance tool (CSAC).

The tool is a simple checklist but its robustness lies in being able to be converted to a numeric scale out of 100. This now makes it easier to vet projects that seek financing. This is big news!

Why? From a clear standpoint the CSAC tool prevents #greenwashing.

What is #greenwashing? This is when a situation exists that a project coming out of a group or organization appears to be #climate smart and sustainable, but in reality it is not.

This means that true grassroots and farmer groups who can certainly benefit from much available climate financing is able to access that funding by weeding out the projects which are simply not sustainable.

This financing is available due to the historic Conference of parties (COP21) Paris agreementwhich sees the governments around the world agreeing to make a concerted effort to fight climate change. As a result third party agencies and institutions are making funding available.

Climate change and agriculture in the Caribbean has been gaining more prominence in terms of adaptation and mitigation. However with Steve’s hard work we now have a proper system in place to assist in the CSA funding.

Watch the interview above for more details. Contact Steve via email at

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