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COVID19: Emerging challenges, needs of high-value nutrition and food safety

YPARD Nepal and YPARD Asia Pacific Programme Coordination Unit (YPARD AP) invites you to a webinar from Prof. Dr Anil K Anal entitled on "COVID19: Emerging Challenges, Needs of High-Value Nutrition and Food Safety."

Dr Anil Kumar Anal is the Professor and Head of the Department of Food Agriculture and Bioresources at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. His background expertise is in the food and nutrition security, food safety, bio-economy, food and bioprocessing and preservation. His research interests also include the formulation and delivery of cells and bioactive for human and veterinary applications, controlled release technologies, particulate systems, application of nanotechnology in food, agriculture and pharmaceutics, functional foods, and food safety, including antimicrobial resistance, risk analysis, and mitigation strategies.

Prof. Anil has authored 10 patents (US, World Patents, EU, Canadian and Indian); more than 130 referred international journal articles, 30 book chapters, one authored book, 5 edited books, and several in International conference proceedings. He has been invited as a keynote speaker and expert in various food, biotechnology, agro-industrial processing, and veterinary as well as life sciences based conferences and workshops organized by national, regional and international agencies. Prof. Anil has been serving as an advisory member, associate editor, member of the editorial board of various regional and international peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Anil has experience in conducting various innovative research and product developments funded by various donor agencies, including the European Union, FAO, Various Government Agencies, CTCN, USAID, and various food and biotech industries. Prof. Anil completed his Master's and Doctoral degrees in Food and Bioprocess Technology at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. Prof. Anil has also experienced working as a researcher and academician at Otago University and the Massey University of New Zealand.

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Time: 2 pm NST

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