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Training - Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa

IFDC´s 5-day training "Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa"  will take place from 21-25 November 2011, at the Alisa Hotel in Accra, Ghana. (c) The training is to expand the knowledge and understanding of development professionals from both the private and public sector with a specific interest in farmer-to-market linkages, by addressing the theory behind the different components of these linkages.The program will incorporate many of the lessons learned by IFDC in more than 30 years of development experience in Africa. Discussions will be illustrated with interventions from projects of IFDC and partner organizations that show how to make theory successful in practice.The program is oriented to both individual participants and project teams. It will improve the capacities of participants to analyse farmer-to-market linkages within the context of a specific agricultural environment and its input and output markets, and to develop projects or project approaches that allow for effective farmer-to-market linkages. The training will allow participants to create a network that allows for future exchanges, joint proposal development, mainstreaming of approaches and long-lasting professional relationships.Who should attend?The training program is aimed at development professionals from both the private and public sector with a specific interest in farmer-to-market linkages, such as input dealers, importers, traders and trader organizations; producer organizations; and development projects, donors, NGOs and other agricultural development practitioners. We encourage the participation of project teams.Cost and EnrolmentThe fee for this training course is US $1,200 per participant. This fee is due with enrolment but no later than October 21, 2011. Thereafter, a ‘Late Fee’ in the amount of US $200 extra will apply. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The program fee covers registration, training and reference material, coffee/tea breaks, all lunches and surface transportation on field trips [excl. air travel, lodging/dinner expenses etc.] Participants should plan to arrive in Accra, Ghana, on Sunday, November 20, 2011.As a nonprofit organization, IFDC does not finance or sponsor any participant.About IFDCIFDC is a non-profit, public international organization dedicated to increasing agricultural productivity and food production through the development and use of plant nutrients in sustainable crop production systems. IFDC is involved in human resource development, research and technical assistance in collaboration with public, private and (inter)national organizations. For more information visit the IFDC Website: