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Mentor and Mentee profiles

  • Meet YPARD Mentor: Everlyne Cherobon

    Like many other farmers, Everlyne's parents lived in poverty despite being the feeders of the nation. “We should thank farmers whenever we eat. They play a vital role which is rarely appreciated.”
  • Meet YPARD Mentor: Nicholas Kibet Korir

    One of Nicholas' strongest childhood memories is farmers lining up to seek advice from his mother and uncle. Many members of his family were agricultural extension officers, you see, and they were in demand for their farm enterprise expertise.
  • Meet YPARD mentor: Sarah Mukolwe

    Sarah Mukolwe was born in Kajiado county and raised in West Pokot -- two counties well known for their pastoralist activities. She experienced many of the challenges faced by pastoralists, especially disease pandemics that often wiped their stocks. In the hope of understanding and providing solutions to these pandemics, Sarah became a researcher.
  • Meet YPARD mentor: Patricia Wangui

    Growing up a child of rural farmers, Patricia noticed that many of their problems could be traced to lack of information. So she decided to dedicate her life to connecting the dots.
  • Meet YPARD mentor: Beatrice Mugo

    Beatrice has long been a trailblazer. She was one of the only two women trained in implementing farmer field schools in western Kenya, she has spearheaded their application to horticulture in central Kenya and she was chosen for a seven-week training program in Australia on dry land farming.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Gerishom Boiyo

    With simply a passion and interest in online tools, not only has Gerishom Boiyo led an online campaign that has seen interest in farming skyrocket amongst rural youth in Western Kenya, he’s also about to launch an online marketplace for agricultural products that will help youthful farmers buy and sell their produce while networking exchanging ideas and contacts.
  • Meet YPARD mentor: Felister Mbute Nzuve

    Felister is that lecturer we all wish we had. Holding seminars and meetings with undergraduate students to discuss their career choices, professional growth as well as life situations, she has always had a strong interest in nurturing young talents through mentoring.
  • Meet YPARD mentor: James Aucha

    A practicing agripreneur, James is keen to support graduates to move from job seekers to job creators: “There is great potential in agribusiness in Africa and the youth have no business complaining about unemployment but instead should be creating employment for others.”
  • Meet YPARD mentor: Jan Willem van Es

    “Strengthening the mentoring network is vital if we’re going to help the Kenya’s budding agro-entrepreneurs. These youth need mentorship,” says Jan Willem van Es, a mentor in YPARD’s pilot ‘youth in agriculture’ mentoring program.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Samuel Murage

    Watching his parents look after their cows as a child helped Samuel learn a lot about the different aspects of dairy farming. He has been interested in farming ever since; developing a business plan and his first dairy meal product. “I gave the meal to my dad, and he saw the improvement in dairy production at our farm,” he says.