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Mentor and Mentee profiles

  • Meet YPARD mentee: Vivien Ochieng

    Like many other youths, Vivien never imagined herself working in agriculture or even cultivating her own food. Being the daughter of a dental surgeon, she spent her school holidays observing and her father pulling out people’s teeth at his clinic as they yelled in pain.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Julius Makanga

    Julius says that his decision to become a teacher was largely inspired by his lack exposure to many different careers in life. He also grew believing that people had to be employed after schooling – it did not occur to him that he could venture into self employment as a farmer and be his own boss.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Obadiah Biwot

    How did someone previously teaching Kiswahili, mathematics and financial accounting make a switch to farming? This is the story of Obadiah Biwot – an unlikely farming hero (which should prove that, regardless of your background, you can succeed in farming too).
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Juliet Braslow

    Maya Angelou once said; “You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.” These words resonate with Juliet Braslow, a researcher with a diverse background of skills from different disciplines.
  • YPARD mentor profile: Margaret Syomiti

    Margaret Syomiti has many rich experiences and stories to share. The first revolves around her decision to commit her life’s purpose to improve the livelihoods of livestock farmers. It all began when a hyena killed her grandmother’s fattest goat. Granny brought all of the goats in to sleep beside her to protect the others; she loved livestock so much that she would do anything to protect them.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Duncan Cheruiyot

    Kabokyek, a small village in Kericho County is where Duncan Cheruiyot was born and bred. As a small boy, Duncan wanted to be an automotive technician but his environment did not favour such dreams. His is from a predominantly farming community and so only farming related ideas flourished.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Alphaxard Gitau Ndungu

    A swimmer, a dancer, a reader and an agriculture lover are the adjectives best used to describe Alphaxard (Alpha) - a youthful farmer who has found agriculture not only rewarding but also a career that allows him time to engage in fun activities. It also helps him to exercise too.
  • Meet YPARD Mentee: Allan Migaili

    It was only when he was awarded a scholarship funded by a dairy institution that Allan Migaili realised that agriculture could be a lucrative career path. He's now studying agricultural engineering and working to increase irrigation intervals, save water and improve soil water holding capacity for food and pasture production.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Sally Musungu

    Sally Musungu’s interest in farming was inculcated in her at a tender age. Born into a farming family, she saw her parents struggle to keep their harvests from going bad. This was sufficient to trigger her interest in farming and she decided to help her family increase its agricultural production.
  • Meet YPARD mentee: Esther Ndichu

    It has been often said that an apple does not fall far away from the tree and this seems to hold true for Esther Ndichu. Her grandparents were farmers, her parents are farmers and she is one too. Just like her parents, she is a farmer but farming differently.