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Strategies for Women and Youth: a highlight in CGIAR Research Programme on Dryland Systems’ Annual Report 2014

Dryland Systems Annual Report 2014 coverCGIAR Research Programme on Drylands Systems’ Annual Report 2014 reviews the Dryland Systems research program's key achievements for the year including the very first CGIAR Dryland Systems Youth Strategy (p.41).

Gender specialist Jennie Dey de Pryck (Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)/ Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP), is the lead writer of this document with valuable contributions from Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD).

The Dryland Systems Youth Strategy 2014-2017 is the first to be issued within the CGIAR system, setting a precedent that may stimulate serious attention to this critical stakeholder group among other CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). It is anchored around gender equality and youth inclusiveness.

The strategy was developed through a participatory, multi-stakeholder process that was initiated in the Gender and Youth Strategy Design Workshop (Malawi, 20–21 September 2013). It also draws on rich discussions at the Dryland Systems First Science and Implementation Meeting (Amman, Jordan, 30 June–4 July 2014).

To read more about this and other 2014 achievements, please go to the Dryland Systems online Annual Report 2014 site or download the full document (pdf) here.

Picture credit: Dryland Systems