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2015 second SEPS call for proposals-Latin America and the Caribbean

The second Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS) call in 2015 is now open for applications! It focuses on the introduction of small-scale renewable energy technologies and knowledge exchanges in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Eligible countries

The countries considered in this round of applications are those within the Caribbean, South and Central America, according to UN definition.

Support offered by SEPS

SEPS generally offers support for two kinds of activities: the implementation of sustainable energy projects (SEPS – Support of Projects) and the realization of knowledge exchanges between organizations/specialists (SEPS – Support of Knowledge Exchanges).

Thematic focus

This second SEPS call in 2015 is looking for project concepts that demonstrate how to apply small-scale renewable energy technologies to meet energy-related needs and improve energy access for Latin American and Caribbean people.

SEPS is particularly looking to identify projects that address problems/issues that are not yet mainstream and that offer innovative approaches/solutions and stimulate the productive use of sustainable energy.

Additionally, it is looking for projects that can influence public opinion and regional decision makers in the field of renewable energy. 

While it is interested in projects and knowledge exchange activities that concentrate on biogas and small wind technologies, it is also receptive to projects that demonstrate the application of other renewable energy technologies or hybrid approaches. Projects can aim to provide solutions for small individual farmers, agro-businesses or small companies, or can address the aggregated needs at communal or municipal level. 

The deadline for the submission of applications is 21st December 2015

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2015 Second SEPS Call for Proposals-Latin America and the Caribbean