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Apply now! PhD - Transfer of caesium in food chain

Project Description

In this project, we will study the transfer of caesium in food chain and propose measures to minimize radiocaesium transfer in the food chain in case of accidental release of radiocaesium to the environment. 

The Wetlands group, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, CZU Prague opens PhD positions starting in October 2020.  

General requirements 

  • Diploma in a relevant discipline (e.g., chemistry, soil science, geochemistry, environmental science, civil engineering) 
  • Solid analytical background 
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team

Required documents for the application

Send to

  • CV 
  • Motivation letter 
  • Academic letter of recommendation (by your supervisor) 
  • Diploma + Diploma supplement (Transcript of records) 
  • Short (2 pages) proposal, how you can contribute to this topic 

Background and Obligations of a Ph.D. student: 

  • Four-year study; time flexibility; active participation at international conferences 
  • Publication activity 1 (at least 2 publications in the journal with IF) 
  • Pedagogical activities 2 
  • Obligation to complete a 4-week international internship within this topic 
  • Regular Scholarship (CZK 9,300 - 13,000 per month) 
  1. In the case of above-standard publishing activities (at least 3 publications) the possibility of writing a dissertation in the form of an annotated work 
  2. The scholarship is gradually increasing along with the fulfilled obligations of the PhD student

Please notice that the regular scholarship does not cover the living costs in Prague completely and you will need to search for some additional funding. 
Note that this is just a pre-selection. The selected candidate will be invited to submit official application to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.  

For more details on how to apply see HERE.

For more details visit the CZU website