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FAO Associate Professional Officer Program

Duties, Responsibilities and Expected Achievements

  • Support the compilation and distribution of technical and policy information related to Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), including the development of web pages and the use of other distribution channels.
  • Provides technical support in the development of technical and communication products, learning tools, etc.
  • Collaborates in the development of improved/updated tools, systems, processes, and databases related to CSA.
  • Support in outreach of new members to the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (ACSA).
  • Facilitate ACSA members in the creation of multi-stakeholder initiatives, including regional and national activities.
  • Help support the establishment of partnerships and exchange of relevant expertise or capacities.
  • Support in the preparation of meetings and conferences organized by ACSA.
  • Supports resource mobilization activities and dialogue between financial institutions and ACSA members.

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge

  • Educational background: Required an advanced university degree in natural resources, agriculture, environmental sciences, or related field.
  • Work experience: Required at least two years of experience in agriculture or a field related to agriculture, such as, climate change, conservation of natural resources and extension services. Preferences given to Ph.D. degree, knowledge of one of the official languages of FAO(Arabic, Chinese,French, Russian,Spanish), and the following experience: with an International Organization that is approved for detail and transfer of U.S. federal employees (; supporting policy dialogue; supporting operationalization of multi-partner initiatives; coordinating contributions to products and initiatives in an international settings, and working with national governments.
  • Anyone with U.S. citizenship may apply.


  • The APO will be located the Facilitation Unit of the Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture (ACSA) which is hosted at FAO’s Headquarters, in Rome, Italy under the Deputy Director General of Natural Resources (DDN). The position will be supervised by the Head of ACSA Facilitation Unit. The DDN coordinates all work related to natural resources including departments of Agriculture and Consumer Protection; Fisheries and Aquaculture; and Forestry, as well as two divisions: Land and water division and climate, energy and tenure division. For additional details see:
  • The facilitation unit of ACSA has been created to support a large number of governments, organizations and other institutions which are interested in the uptake and implementation of climate smart agriculture. The unit will therefore have a dynamic role in bringing together the interested stakeholders and supporting their joint efforts and interventions. The unit will also facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise required to implement CSA.
  • The APO will support processes and facilitate the dialogue between members, working groups and regional and national actions. The APO will also play a major role in developing the Web infrastructure and communication channels to facilities collaboration and exchange of information and knowledge between ACSA members. In addition the APO will help in preparing reporting and communication materials.
  • Applicants should send a cover letter including a statement of interest and resume and by email to This email address can also be used to direct questions concerning the position.