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PhD Research assistant - University of Wageningen

FunctionMosquitoes and midges are responsible for the transmission of various infectious diseases to animals, such as Rift Valley fever and Bluetongue. Assessing the risks of these diseases and providing sustainable solutions for their control is an important mission of the Medical and Veterinary Entomology group of Wageningen University. For that purpose, we have recently started an international project, LIVEepi, that aims to create the knowledge, mathematical frameworks and computational technologies to increase the effectiveness of detecting, controlling and eradicating emerging and exotic (vector-borne) infectious diseases in European livestock. To refine and validate the models, three field sites in Sweden, The Netherlands and Italy have been selected to conduct sampling and monitoring studies for mosquito and midge vectors. Wageningen University will coordinate and execute these studies. We are now looking for a motivated research assistant to join our group. The goal will be to establish trends in population dynamics and genetic variation in the main vector species. This will be done by setting up mosquito and midge trapping studies in the European field sites. The work will involve the maintenance of mosquito and midge strains and (molecular) identification of collected material.Function RequirementsThe successful candidate will have a degree (University level) in biology, animal sciences or similar. We look for a candidate that can work independently, is undertaking and has a keen eye for establishing working relationships in a multicultural environment. The candidate should be prepared to travel frequently within Europe. Experience with culturing insects is an added advantage, as well as experience with molecular assays for identification of collected specimens. Data analysis and preparation of progress reports in the English language is an important aspect of the work. Furthermore, the candidate must have a good command of spoken English.Working conditionsThe work will be coordinated from the Laboratory of Entomology in Wageningen. Here we provide a stimulating working environment within a highly dynamic group of researchers (PhD’s, post-docs) and students. We offer a full-time position, and depending on your qualifications, the appointment will be for a period of 6 months or 18 months. Maximum gross wages per month are € 3089,- for a fulltime appointment, dependent on training and experience.You can apply for this job until March 5th 2014.Contact informationDetailed information can be obtained from and Dr. Sander Koenraadt, 0317-483400, or Prof. Willem Takken, 0317-484652, willem.takken@wur.nlOrganizationThe Laboratory of Entomology has a long history of conducting studies on infochemical-mediated behaviour of mosquitoes and the development of alternative biological tools for control. Our team consists of ecologists, entomologists, physiologists and chemists. We are a team of ambitious scientists that aim at an interdisciplinary approach to unravel biological phenomena underlying the functioning of ecological communities, especially in the context of infectious disease risk.To apply, click here.
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