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Technical officer (agriculture specialist) at IUCN

To ensure the delivery of outputs under Component 2, IUCN is hiring an Agriculture Specialist, based in Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN).

The Agriculture Specialist will be under direct supervision of the Project Coordinator (PC) and will coordinate and provide technical advice and direction in matters related to Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), Reforestation, Climate-Resilient Agriculture (CRA), Water Infrastructure for Agricultural Production, and Training to Farmers.

Specific duties

  • Guide identification and prioritization of the specific areas to be intervened by the project in ANR and overall reforestation efforts;
  • Define the process for establishment and operations of nurseries to be used in the project’s reforestation and ANR efforts;
  • Identify specific areas to be intervened by the project in land restoration and CSA efforts;
  • Identify the 10 hectares and corresponding farmers/landowners to be engaged in the 10 pilot farms to be supported by the project in reforestation efforts;
  • Organize Climate-Resilient Agriculture trainings and extension services to farmers;
  • Serve as a focal point for the project in engaging schools and other stakeholders in all education and awareness efforts relating SLM, BD conservation, and CSA.
  • Oversee the construction and/or restoration of at least five (5) water storage tanks to support agricultural production, ensuring proper due diligence and quality of outputs.


  • Provide technical support, on request, to the design and development of knowledge products related to the Agriculture Specialist’s professional background and/or area of expertise;
  • Prepare presentations in relation to the work for which you are responsible and for other tasks that are assigned to you that are related to your experience and professional background;
  • Provide technical support in your area of expertise, knowledge and experience; and
  • Contribute to the project’s general coordination and articulation by supporting processes and activities assigned to you.
  • Elaborate inputs from the area of expertise to the PC for the periodical and annual technical reports.
  • Other assignments requested by the PC.


The Agriculture Specialist will:

  • Be accountable to the PC and the project’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC);
  • Present clarifications on technical matters to the TAC when requested;
  • Be accountable to the PC for the achievement of project objectives, results and all technical aspects related to Component 2;
  • Maintain regular communication with local and national project partners interested in furthering the project’s planned outcomes for Component 2;
  • Maintain regular communication with project stakeholders and the IUCN as necessary;
  • Supervise the work of project consultants and project partners delivering products under Component 2;
  • Work with the PC in the submission of inputs for the development of project technical progress reports, financial reports and annual Progress Implementation Review (PIR) reports.


  • Graduate degree in Agriculture or environmental science-related disciplines
  • A background of at least five(5) years in the field of agriculture or environmental science-related disciplines
  • At least five (5) years’ experience in the field of Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
  • Relevant experience in producing technical reports
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Good capacity to communicate with persons from different backgrounds and positions, as well as with local communities and national authorities
  • Good command of spoken and written English is necessary
  • Practical experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation is a plus
  • Experience in planning and programme management is a plus
  • Problem solving, creativity, initiative and innovation
  • The ability for interpersonal relationships and teamwork
  • Facility to perform tasks in an organized manner and in adherence to internal policies and procedures
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate ability to work with persons from different social, personal and professional backgrounds
  • Understanding of the institutional framework in which the work will be developed, this entails the comprehension of institutional characteristics and relevant thematic commitment
  • Applicants must be sensible towards cultural, social and economic practices of vulnerable groups (e.g. local communities, women and youth)
  • Applicants must be willing to work under the IUCN gender and rights-based approach
  • Willingness to travel at the national level and internationally, whenever required
  • Willingness to occasionally work outside of office hours

To apply

Applicants are requested to click here to apply.


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