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Brussels Policy Briefing: Farmer-driven research to improve food and nutrition security

CTA, in conjunction with the EC/DECVO, the ACP Secretariat and Concord in partnership with INSARD (Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development) is organisng a Brussels Policy Briefing on smallholder-driven research and innovation on 14 November 2013.A tentative programme drawn up for the event is given below:8h30-9h00 Registration9h00-9h15Introductory remarks: DG DEVCO / DG Research, EC; ACP Secretariat; CTA, INSARDPanel 1: Approaches and instruments for ARD to be more responsive to smallholders’ needsThis panel will provide an overview of the key concepts, challenges and opportunities for agricultural research and development (ARD) to respond to smallholders’ needs. It will discuss what is needed to support participatory processes and enhance the capacities of farmers to innovate and develop appropriate systems of resource management to achieve food security, sustain their livelihoods and safeguard the environment using indigenous knowledge and creativity. It highlights the need to move from an exclusive focus on farms and technologies to broader aspects of innovation systems – to include also markets, institutions, politics and policy matters. This requires new skills, new partnerships and new institutional configurations in ARD systems.Chair: Ambassador ACPPanellists:
  • Promoting participatory innovation systems for smallholder development - Prof. Neils Röling, Emeritus Professor, of Innovation and Communication Studies, University of Wageningen (confirmed)
  • Incentives and interests that drive innovation linkages between local knowledges and practices /Supporting farmer-centred innovation - Ian Scoones, Co-director, STEPS Centre and Researcher at IDS, UK
  • Democratising ARD: co-managing natural resources - Michel Pimbert, Director of Centre for Agroecology and Food Security, UK
  • Farmer-to-farmer services to strengthen institutional development processes - Cees van Rij, Agriterra on behalf of AgriCord (confirmed)
Panel 2:  Lessons and successes in farmer-led agricultural research This panel will present concrete examples of farmer-driven ARD successes from the field, highlighting the lessons learned and good practices of partnership between smallholders and other actors (research, advisory services, private sector etc) in ARD.Chair: Ambassador ACPPanellists:
  • Local innovation support funds: experiences and lessons - Ann Waters-Bayer, Prolinnova, Netherlands (confirmed)
  • Lessons from joint learning about innovation systems in African agriculture - Roch Mongbo, JOLISAA, Benin
  • Promoting local innovation and participatory ARD: the role of women - Chris Macoloo, World Neighbours Regional Associate President for Africa, Kenya
  • Women and young farmers as innovators in community-driven agro-ecological ARD - Bern Guri, CIKOD, Ghana
  • Knowledge transfer is a two-way street - Dyborn Chibonga, Chief Executive Officer, National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi or Eastern African Framers Federation (EAFF)
Concluding remarks13h00 Lunch 
Brussels Policy Briefing