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EU green week 2017

Green jobs for greener future  EU Green Week is your annual opportunity to debate and discuss European environmental policy. Organized by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment, this key event in the environment policy calendar attracts policymakers, leading environmentalists, stakeholders and other interested parties from across Europe and the globe.

EU Green Week 2017

EU Green Week 2017 will take place from 29 May to 2 June with the theme of 'Green jobs for a greener future'. It will focus on how EU environmental policies are creating green jobs and contributing to economic, sustainable and socially responsible growth in the EU. It will also highlight the demand for new types of green skills in many professional sectors.

In addition to a high-level conference in Brussels, the program will also feature a series of partner events and actions taking place across Europe. As well as being invited to take part in person, stakeholders and the general public are encouraged to become 'virtually' involved by participating in a wide range of on-line and social media activities.

Green jobs

Supported by EU environmental policies, the transition towards a circular economy is becoming a reality. This will encourage fundamental changes across the entire EU economy, including the labour market. As companies develop new, sustainable business models, expand their markets and adapt innovative solutions to efficiently use resources, this can translate into more jobs.

EU Green Week Partner

A Green Week Partner Event is an event taking place in May-June 2017 which promotes the Green Week 2017 theme, which focuses on green jobs and skills, with the title "Working for a greener future". Such events would be activities taking place at local/regional/national/European level and would include the following type of events, although others can also be considered:

  • job fairs and career days
  • seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • awareness raising events for children students and adults
  • open doors days and guided tours;
  • training and networking events.

The events should be relevant to the theme and therefore should cover elements such as apprenticeships, green entrepreneurships, future trends, training, new skills development and education, green enterprises and green sectors, sustainable development, environmental protection, resource efficiency, and so on.

The Partner Events will be selected from applications that need to be submitted before the deadline, which is 15 April 2017.


You can register to attend the conference of EU Green Week in Brussels here.

Picture credit: EU Green Week

For more details visit here the EU green week website.