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First International Conference on Global Food Security

The First International Conference on Global Food Security aims to deliver state-of-the-art analysis, inspiring visions and innovative research methods arising from interdisciplinary research. Join this exciting opportunity to ensure that the best science is garnered to support the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals.Achieving global food security whilst reconciling demands on the environment is the greatest challenge faced by mankind. By 2050 we will need to feed 9 billion people. The urgency of the issue has led to huge scientific strides forwards; making it difficult to keep up with the rapidly expanding volume of scientific research.We aim to better understand economic, social, biophysical, technological and institutional drivers of current and future global food security.Submit abstracts by 10 May 2013The conference will address food production and access, and the trade-offs between competing environmental, economic or social objectives and outcomes. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are invited on the below topics and should be submitted using the online submission system.Topics List 
  • Global and local analyses of food security
Contributions should account for magnitudes and locations of uncertainty regarding key drivers such as agroecological potential, farm sizes and production systems, economics, policy, technological change and climate change.
  • Enabling policy for local and global food security
Contributions must address policies topics such as stabilizing prices for consumers and producers, the local need for protectionism in the poorest countries and the global trend of liberalisation, food stocks, stable institutions, etc.
  • Sustainable intensification of agricultural systems
Contributions must be quantitative and indicate novel options for sustainable intensification (of plant and animal systems) to increase production and resource use efficiency. Topics such as resource scarcity, environmental consequences and climate change will also be addressed.
  • Novel ways of feeding 9 billion
The session will address other ways of producing food than traditional agriculture, i.e., aquaculture, biorefinery, insects, etc.
  • Learning from the past to understand the future
This session will present comparative analyses of agricultural development in different countries and continents from a historical perspective, with analysis of current systems and future outlooks. Explicit attention will be given to food security at which level (local, regional or global), economics and environment.
  • Land sparing, sharing and grabbing
Where is land available and what are current uses and ownership; how can land be spared for nature in the most effective way. What are consequences and limitations of land grabbing? What other competing claims are made on land and water resources?
  • Agricultural production as feedstock for renewables
This session focuses on the use of agricultural products for biofuels and industrial product, with specific attention to the competition between food and feed security, environmental implications and resource scarcity.
  • Lost harvest and wasted food
Post-harvest losses on the farm and during storage and transport will be estimated and options for mitigation of problems addressed. The session will also analyse food waste in the entire production chain, estimate consequences and assess mitigation options.
  • Nutritional security
Food security is more than producing enough of the major commodities (e.g. cereals or animal protein). The session will go beyond the standard malnutrition versus over-nutrition approach, and link nutritional security to human capital development.
  • Certification of quality and sustainability of food production
A series of trademarks and labels has been introduced to certify quality and traceability of food: from primary production throughout the entire supply chains. This session addresses indicator systems to secure healthy and quality food, as well as environmental footprints, LCA and appropriate certification systems.Submit your abstract here »
First International Conference on Global Food Security