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The UNCCD Process e-Learning Course

Want to know more about the UNCCD? Then join their new e-learning course “The UNCCD Process” and learn more.The course is aimed at broadening the capacity and expanding the knowledge and expertise of National Focal points, professionals, students and the general public on the UNCCD and its efficacious implementation.Upon successful completion of this course, you will be rewarded with a “Certificate”. If you manage to score 90% or higher you will receive a “Certificate of Excellence”. This online course “The UNCCD Process” is scheduled to start February 8th, 2016 and covers four main topics, namely.·         The history of the UNCCD·         Its structure and bodies·         Its Secretariat and Global Mechanism ·         Its processes  This course is free of charge. Registration is now open! You can register by going to “The UNCCD Process”, orby simply replying to this email with your full name, country of present residence and your email address.
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