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Virtual summit - world environment day 2020

Join the virtual summit on the World Environment Day with Jeffrey Sachs (SDSN) and UNDP hosted by Green Institute, Nigeria and Qatar Foundation on June 5

The virtual sustainability summit will feature over 25 speakers from various international organizations of the US, Canada, Nigeria, France, Qatar, Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Switzerland, Canada, Turkey, and others to discuss topics like sustainable development, botanic species conservation, ecology, sustainable agriculture, sustainable building, minimal living, eco-feminism, green education, and others. The keynote speaker is Jeffrey Sachs (SDSN), who was twice named as Time magazine’s 100 most influential world leaders, and was ranked by The Economist among the top three most influential living economists.

It will also feature a virtual launch of the book The Principles of Green and Sustainability Sciences (Springer, 2020) written by Adenike Akinsemolu, the founder of the Green Institute (a member of the UN Sustainable Development Network). It is one of the first texts examining sustainability issues in Africa. It offers a detailed and step-by-step guide to understanding sustainability, highlighting the successful cases in Africa and the world. The Green Institute has recruited more than 5,500 ambassadors and trained over 25,000 people on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship in Nigeria. They do research initiatives and run programs like the Green School, The Green Kids Clubs, nano-degree-programs, mentorship, and financial support for girls with interest in sciences, Trash for Education that provides education credits in exchange for collected waste.

The organizations that participate in the summit include the UNDP, Qatar Green Building Council, Qur'anic Botanic Garden, Springer Nature, Institute for Oil, Gas, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, University of Basel, the Open University UK, Design Future(s) Initiative of Georgetown University, and others. The event link:

Picture credit: Green Institute

For more details visit the Green Institute website