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Youth in Landscapes Camp

The Landscape Camp

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) and the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) are creating a powerful landscape experience to inform the hearts and minds of future leaders.

Held in the lead-up to the GLF Accra 2019 conference from 30-31 October, this program will bring together young change-makers from around the world to take a deep, analytical look at a local community or project that has successfully achieved its goals for a more sustainable landscape.

Participants will meet in Accra, and not only learn, but also contribute to and leave an impact on the hosting community.


Prior to the workshop, participants will collaborate with organizers via Skype to conduct a gap analysis of their hosting community, and brainstorm recommendations to further improve the landscapes. By bringing their expertise and skills, they will have the possibility to collaborate with the local community on how to strengthen well-functioning features, and how to overcome pressing obstacles.

27 – 29 October: Youth in Landscapes Camp

With three days of interactive workshops, community building activities, and conversations with key stakeholders in the project site, youth participants will be encouraged and inspired to become front-line actors in their countries. The stories will be extensively covered through blogs on social media.

Example of projects’ topics are: gender equality and economic empowerment, afforestation or restoration of degraded lands, community resilience building, climate change adaptation, enhancing agricultural productivity and value chains.

30 - 31 October: GLF Accra 2019

After three days of activities in three different communities, participants will gather in Accra for their active involvement in GLF Accra 2019. They will have the opportunity to share their experience with experts from around the world, and to hear about stories and effective approaches to landscape restoration.

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