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Tell us about your experience of youth empowerment in family farming!

landscape of the surroundings of the city "Diyarbakir", TurkeyI am happy to inform you that there is an ongoing study on Youth and Family Farming, from the World Rural Forum, carried out by the Universitat Politècnica de València.

The geographical scope of the study is global and the main point is to draw up a diagnosis of the current situation and to collect experiences on youth and family farming.

The population between 10 and 24 years represents 25% (1,837 million people) of the total world population (UNFPA 2015). All these young people represent a key economic, environmental and social potential transformative development of the societies which they belong to. Too often the possibilities and opportunities that this social group bridle are not reached or are invisible.

The study aims to highlight lessons learned from experiences that have proved to be useful methods and tools for youth empowerment in family farming. Contribute with your example! We would be very grateful that you take 5 minutes of your time to share your experience and answer any question of the questionnaire that fit your area of work or interest.

In particular, we invite you to present your work for Youth, through these principal dimensions:

1º Betting sustainable agriculture

Promote farming through continuous improvement of the quality and respect for the environment. The implementation of ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture practices.

2º Education, training and Innovation

Support youth projects encouraging creativity, innovation and quality. Improve coordination and provide assistance for the transfer of knowledge, skills and lessons learned. The creation of businesses and development of systems management ensuring youth employment.

3º Good practices of political and social participation

Improve the incidence and youth participation at regional and global level of political dialogue on agriculture and rural development. Promote new governance methods and social networking.

4º Access to land and financing mechanisms

Articulate key elements as land-purchase mechanism, land tenure laws, finance and risk mitigation mechanisms.

Easy to get involved! Tell us what you do. Tell us about your experience answering this brief questionnaire (here in Spanish and Here in French).

We will aggregate all responses to highlight trends in order to identify what is working for youth in agriculture, and where additional improvements could be helpful.

Personally, I am happy to be involved in this study and I am looking forward hear from you to find synergies for youth in agriculture!! ;)

Please, let me know if you require further information.

Many thanks, in advance, for your helpful feedback.

Lorena Tudela (lorenatudelamarco[@]

Picture credit: Lorena Tudela Marco -  landscape of the surroundings of the city "Diyarbakir"

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