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Agriculture in Ghana

Agriculture in Ghana consists of a variety of agricultural products. It is an established economic sector and provides employment on a formal and informal basis. Agricultural crops, including yamsgrainscocoa, oil palmskola nuts, and timber, form the base of agriculture in Ghana's economy. Agricultural output in Ghana has consistently fallen since the 1960s. Beginning with the drop in commodity prices in the late 1960s, farmers were faced with fewer incentives to produce as well as with a general deterioration of necessary infrastructure and services. Farmers have also had to deal with increasingly expensive inputs, such as fertilizer. Cocoa is Ghana's principal agricultural export. Cocoa production occurs in the forested areas of Ghana. The main industrial crops are palm oilcottonrubbersugar canetobacco, and kenaf, the latter used in the production of fiber bags. Despite claims that such crops could assist local industrialization efforts, the government has not focused the same attention on this sector as on export crops.

Youth and agriculture in Ghana

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) seeks to encourage youth participation in the agricultural sector. This effort seeks to change the negative perception the youth have of participation in agriculture, (farmers) as uneducated, unskilled, physical labourers with extremely low economic return. Modern agriculture is more than tilling the soil and animals. The sector today offers career opportunities in research, environment, financial management, engineering and other technical areas for the youth to explore.


YPARD Ghana is one of the youngest national Youth network in Ghana, and was commenced in 2011/12. Our current focus lies on expanding the Ghanaian membership community, sharing information with one another, promote agriculture among the youth and build relationships with other African YPARD branches. We make opportunities available to young people in Agriculture and Science.

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