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Call for participation: Adaptation practices in agriculture

In collaboration with the Nationally Determined Contributions Partnership (NDC-P) for climate action, Technologies and practices for small agricultural producers (TECA) is launching a discussion dedicated to adaptation practices around the world.

We encourage individual farmers, farmer organizations, extension services, NGOs, researchers and every individual interested in climate change adaptation to participate in the upcoming discussions and share your practices which have given positive results.

By participating in this discussion we aim at developing a summary with: 1/ An inventory of successful practices, strategies or technologies used in agriculture sectors around the world; 2/ Constraints for their application; 3/ Suggested actions to ensure climate adaptation in your country. Additionally, you will help to collect key information for the NDC implementation.

With the outcomes of the discussion, FAO aims to enhance cooperation so that countries have access to the technical knowledge and financial support they need to achieve ambitious climate and sustainable development targets as quickly and effectively as possible.

The discussion will last two weeks, starting on February 22nd  ending in March 31st, 2018 and will address the following questions:

1/ What adaptation practices, strategies or technologies have you been using so far in your agriculture sectors?

2/ What has worked well and what hasn’t? Briefly explain why. Share your experiences!

3/ What is needed to ensure that these practices, strategies and technologies respond to the climate adaptation commitments in your country?


TECA e-discussion site