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Workshop on Biofuels and Food Security Interactions

The purpose of the workshop is to explore current and future interactions between biofuels and food security, and elaborate learnings from analysis and field experience relevant for project developers, researchers and policy-makers. The workshop is organized around a six discussion topics and is designed to encourage discussion among participants. We aim to identify where consensus lies regarding key barriers, gaps and opportunities related to (a) the assessment of biofuel-food security interactions and (b) recommendations for future research and implementation.

The workshop is organized around a set of discussion topics informed by analyses and experiences from case studies. The intention is not only to look back but also forward and generate: an assessment of the current interplay between biofuels and food security and recommendations for future directions relevant for researchers and decision-makers. Participants and speakers include representatives from: academia and research labs, international organizations active in the field such as FAO, IFPRI, and the World Bank, and national government organizations, private sector and other parties that can contribute insight and experience.

Participants will review and discuss recent research and case studies related to each of the six topics below to develop an understanding of what is known versus what is unknown or remains contentious, and will then generate conclusions and recommendations to address identified research priorities.

Workshop on Biofuels and Food Security Interactions