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Welcome to our newest YPARD Steering Committee member!

YPARD is welcoming Nidhi Nagabhatla, the newest steering committee member. Nidhi is an Indian national, currently associated with the APEC- Climate Center in Korea working on climate change vulnerability and adaptation with real time climate data. She is a natural resource management expert with 12 years of multicultural and multinational experience in more than ten countries in Asia and Africa. She has worked in inter-disciplinary development projects covering a range of thematic issues viz., land and water management, wetland, forest and biodiversity conservation, agriculture and agro-ecological nexus, socioeconomic and  spatial modeling for decision/policy support systems , climate change adaptation, community based management and trans boundary resource governance, while associated with international organizations. She worked with the CGIAR from 2006-2010, with the International Water Management Institute and The World Fish Center. On conservation issues, she worked closely with IUCN on a regional project in South Asia. She was awarded the prestigious “Chevening Rolls-Royce Science, Innovation and Leadership Program” from University of Oxford under the ‘Future Leaders Program’ by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK and Rolls Royce for her science impact, effective communication, innovation and the ability to think outside the box. Her professional role in multidisciplinary research, project management and capacity building equipped her with necessary skills to administer integrated initiatives involving scientists, think tanks, multiple stakeholders, funding agencies and private sector. Apart from her scientific engagements, she is a social entrepreneur and is in the process of launching India's First Green and Sustainable Business Directory and "Green Knowledge Portal- Green Gaia" to facilitate green trade opportunities. Additionally, she has a special interest in involving and associating with young professionals in “translating scientific know how for societal well being”. Nidhi has been a key leader among the YPARD Young Scientists who attended the CGIAR Science Forum 2011 held from 17th-19th October 2011 in Beijing, China, under the theme “The Agriculture-Environment Nexus’’.  The Young Scientists YPARD group produced a report highlighting key points discussed during the sessions, gaps detected and suggestions on the role of the youth and how to get them involved. We are pleased to welcome Nidhi to the YPARD SC and believe she will positively contribute  to guiding the strategic development of YPARD. We also thank warmly the other candidates for their interest in YPARD. We encourage you to get involved by becoming active online or on the ground through awareness campaigns, organizing capacity building opportunities, launching discussions etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas or get advice ( .