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ICRA -- Design and Management of InterActive Learning, Action Research and Outreach in Higher Education

A 3-week course on Interactive Learning Competency for Rural Innovation in Higher Education will take place from 20 October-7 November 2014, in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The programme will enhance participants' competences to develop, facilitate, and coach interactive learning programmes that involve students and multiple rural stakeholders, to jointly address an innovation challenge.Subjects:
  • Analysing learning context: needs assessment; target group and stakeholders; role of learning within capacity strengthening.
  • Designing interactive learning: adult learning & experiential learning; learning objectives, content, activities.
  • Faciltating and managing learning processes: learning in teams; facilitation & coaching; planning, budgeting, logistics; monitoring & evaluation.
To apply candidates should have at least 5 years experience in Higher Education and preferably some experience with action-research, analytical and problem-solving capabilities equivalent to MSc, PhD or MBA. Candidates should have the approval of their institution to participate in this course. Interested candidates are requested to submit application form  before 29 April 2014MENA (MSP) fellowships are available for nationals from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman and Tunisia.Deadline for of MENA fellowships application form submission is 4 Feb 2014. Candidates must apply directly to the Netherlands Embassy in their country. NFP fellowship is also available for ICRA courses. NFP fellowship deadline is 6 May 2014.Download course brochure