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Consultancy Technical Support Services for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to AFAAS Secretariat

About this Project

The consultant shall deliver the following outputs during the execution of the assignment: a) agreed upon workplan and process on how to carry out the assignment; b) AFAAS M&E system; processes and plan developed; c) M&E methods and tools for data collection, analysis and reporting produced; d) set up of CF information system for monitoring implementation of 2017 AWP&B; e) detailed M&E quarterly monitoring and evaluation reports; with clear activities and outputs with bi-annual update of results framework; f) detailed final M&E report; highlighting outputs, recommendations and suggestions for the general AFAAS M&E improvement.

Short Description

The objective of the assignment is to provide Monitoring and Evaluation services at the AFAAS Secretariat; namely, to: (i) assess AFAAS’ achievement of its development objective; (ii) ensure that key performance indicators for outcomes, intermediate outcomes and outputs, are monitored and reported accurately and on a timely basis against the Results Framework (RF), (iii) support to monitor the implementation of the 2017 Annual Work Program and Budget (2017 AWP&B); (iv) support CFs to set up an information system that would allow them to monitor implementation of their annual plans and budgets; and (v) Participate in AFAAS Second MDTF end of the project evaluation.


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