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Call for Expression of Interest: Developing a Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Manual for Professional Level and University Level Agricultural Education in Zimbabwe

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate as the Designated National Entity (NDE) for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Technology Mechanism, requested for technical assistance to develop a Climate-Smart Agriculture Manual for Professional-Level and University-Level Agricultural Education in Zimbabwe. This collaborative initiative involves MoAMID as the co-custodian of the CSA Manual; Green Impact Trust as the Request proponent and the UNEP-DTU Partnership as the Lead Implementer. The project is expected to run for 10 months. In addition to the CSA Manual development, the project will also provide training to agriculture (extension) workers in the form of Training-of-Trainers after the launch of the CSA Manual.

The Project seeks to engage the services of local, national, regional and/or international experts in developing the following CSA Manual Chapters:




Soil and Water Management

Crop Production

Livestock and Rangeland Management

Sustainable Forestry Management

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Energy Management

System Approaches

Landscape Management and Value Chains

Enabling Environments

Climate Information Services

 Gender and Social Inclusion

Institutional Arrangements and Policy Engagement

Specifics of Assignment

Develop above mentioned themes into full-length Chapters for inclusion into the CSA Manual which will be used by Country Partners to improve agriculture education and extension in the face of climate change. The expected Chapter length is approximately 8-10 pages typed in Roman Times Numeral, 12 Font Size; Line Spacing of 1.5; excluding references, tables and graphs, and images. This consultancy is on desk study basis. Consultants will sign contracts with the UNEP-Technical University of Denmark- Partnership (UDP). Selected consultants will be briefed of contract details upon signing.

Objective of the Consultancy

This consultancy seeks to develop the above-mentioned themes into full-length chapters for inclusion into the CSA Manual.

Suggested Tasks under the Consultancy

  • Identify and document innovations in CSA that are Zimbabwe-specific.
  • Ensure the theme is abreast with latest scientific and technical knowledge concerning CSA practices and technologies worldwide but focusing more on regional successes.
  • Consult Country Partners, where necessary, to get more input for the assignment.
  • Ensure sustainability is clearly expressed in the chapter, in light of the various frameworks – national, regional, and global – such as Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, Zimbabwe National Climate Change Response Strategy, Zimbabwe Climate Policy, Zimbabwe Agriculture Investment Plan, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation, Paris Agreement of 2015, and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Work closely with the Lead Implementer, NDE and main Beneficiaries to ensure that the exercise is robust and completed within the required time frame.
  • Regular Telephone and Skype calls with the Lead Implementer, UNEP– DTU- Partnership as and when necessary.
  • Briefing of Government of Zimbabwe and stakeholders of the key findings and take- away messages during the second stakeholder workshop.


  • Outline of the Chapter within two weeks of signing the contract
  • Authors should submit complete first drafts within two months from the date of signing the contract though they are at liberty to submit the chapters before that time when they are through with the chapters.
  • Final Chapters - two weeks after incorporating comments from the stakeholders during the second workshop.

Qualification and Experience Required

  • Postgraduate qualification (or equivalent experience) in food, agriculture, climate change, development studies, environment, research and policy, or related fields.
  • At least 5 years practical experience working in natural resources, agriculture, environment or development fields
  • Previous experience/publications relating to CSA some of which in Southern Africa will be considered a major advantage.
  • An understanding of the current debates around research, evidence and policy concerning climate change and agriculture.
  • Excellent research and writing skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills including experience of working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


The timeframe for this consultancy will be 8 weeks from the date of the signing of the contract 26 September 2016 to 25 November 2016 though it is not necessary for consultants to wait for two months to submit the first drafts. This duration is inclusive of the time required for all work including feedback and clarifications from the Lead Implementer, debriefing of Country Partners, and submission of the draft report for the second stakeholder workshop. Interested consultants are required to submit their expressions of interest by 16 September 2016.

Lines of Communication

The Lead Implementer – UNEP – DTU – Partnership will communicate with each of the Consultants as the first point of contact. However, the NDE, Request Proponent, and National Coordinator will facilitate the work of the Consultants through liaison with each of Country Partners as deemed necessary, during recruitment and selection, chapter writing, review, editing, and completion of the assignment within the required time period.

Application Submission Procedures and Deadlines

Applicants should:

(a)  Submit a brief proposal detailing the proposed approach. This brief should indicate how

a potential consultant intends to treat the topic. It should be noted that this brief should serve as a selling point for the consultant i.e. convincing the selection panel that he or she is the best candidate who understands the definition of CSA and its relevance to Zimbabwe in the face of climate change. The thrust of the brief should flesh out the consultant’s understanding of climate smart agriculture as opposed to traditional agriculture. The selection panel will base their selection on this brief among other attributes. (3 pages max).

(b)  Abridged CV of the potential consultant (3 pages max.);


Submission through email:

Address your application or enquiries to Dr. Todd Ngara on with a copy to the following: Raymond Erick Zvavanyange on; and Desire Nemashakwe on; Elisha N. Moyo on and Lovemore Vambe on All applications should clearly indicate the theme(s) they wish to be considered for.

Additional Information

A web link with the project document ( assistance/projects/developing-climate-smart-agriculture-manual-agriculture-education