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CIRAD - Physicochemical analysis technician on soils and plants

The Joint Research Unit specializing in functional ecology and soil and agroecosystem biogeochemistry (Eco & Sols) is studying two major soil services as a support in ecosystems, primary production and cycles of major nutrients, and regulatory services the environment, the storage of carbon in soils and the emission of greenhouse gases. The characterization of soils and plants is essential to the research carried out.

Position description

  • Performing chemical and physical analyzes associated activities
  • Control the running of the experiments, the settings of the devices
  • Collect the results, format them.
  • Hold a laboratory notebook.
  • Associated with these main activities, the recruited person will have to:
  • Maintain small collective appliances, test handling,
  • Manage consumables required for activities
  • Perform calibration, calibration and first level maintenance.
  • Working in a team with unit staff
  • Ensure compliance with hygiene and safety rules.
  • Participate in the technical training of trainees.


Montpellier- France


The person recruited has a diploma of advanced technician (BTS, IUT, license pro) in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry of the Environment, Bio-analyzes, Anabiotech.
She is rigorous, autonomous and has a taste for teamwork. Ideally, she has a first experiment in research laboratory, even in analysis of soils and plants.

Picture credit: CIRAD

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