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Meet YPARD Mentee: Nikki Chaudhary

After completing her MSc Business Economics and Finance from University of Surrey, U.K in 2010, Nikki Chaudhary  returned to India and got into Dairy Farming and Poplar based Agroforestry at her family farm in rural part of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

“I am deeply involved in Dairy from the last five years wherein I look after Cow Health and Nutrition part of Dairy Management, which are my key work areas. I have worked in detail on Cow Comfort and Cow Nutrition which are essential for high quality raw milk production.Dairy Farming has its own challenges and to become an efficient milk producer on a commercial scale, one needs to have very good know how on livestock management, fodders and cattle health issues. “ says Nikki

Besides practicing dairy farming, Nikki is an active participant and promoter of agroforestry in her region. In 2012, she presented her research paper on “Poplar Culture on Farmland: Farmer’s Experience from Uttar Pradesh,” at International Poplar Conference held at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. Also at World Congress on Agro forestry, 2014 she presented her work titled, “Response of Farmers on diversification of their agriculture land use to agro forestry in North India.

In addition, Nikki has also written blog posts on her experience working in Agriculture in rural part of India as well as attracting youth to farming and transforming rural India.

Position: Dairy Farmer

Education: MSc Business Economics and Finance from University of Surrey, U.K

Country: India

Though Nikki has travelled widely in the North Indian Dairy farms and gained insights on how to become an efficient milk producer as a  lot of efforts goes into producing quality milk and cattle management, she reckons she hasn't been  able to work on marketing her good and quality milk. As a result, she sells her milk at a very low price to State Milk Cooperatives which limits her profitability to very low levels.

So what’s her expectations coming to the online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs?

“I would be needing guidance on how I can grow my business, what are the ways to meet such challenges and general guidance on business management from online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs,” says Nikki.