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10 reasons why youth should consider studying agriculture

Youth in agricultureWhen it comes to choosing careers, many young people in the developing world tend to shy away from agriculture. Therefore, engaging youth in agriculture has been a prominent topic recently and has risen up the development agenda, as there is growing concern worldwide that young people have become disenchanted with agriculture.

Here are 10 reasons why youth should consider studying agriculture….

1. Youth is getting interested more in agriculture

The trend is growing. Support for the agriculture sector is increasing. The list of reasons is endless. Attitudes toward agriculture are already changing. Young people are also increasingly speaking up for themselves on why they choose agriculture.

2. Agricultural research needs young brainpower

Today, more than before, climate change and a growing demand for nutritious food are for fresh ideas and renewed knowledge to explore ICT in agriculture, foster climate-smart agriculture and innovate in the sector to power future growth.

3. It is now a field vibrant with effective innovations

Agriculture in the developing world has become a field vibrant with effective innovations, thanks to a growing number of young techie minds that make it happen.

4. There are a lot of opportunities for young entrepreneurs

In Africa where there are enough land resources, the young entrepreneur should be encouraged to agriculture as an untapped resource of development.

5. Agriculture has the power to develop the world

When it comes to fighting poverty, agriculture is more effective than other sectors. Agriculture is up to four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty.

6. Agriculture is not a risky sector to venture into

Young people need to see live examples of other youth who made it in agriculture before they can believe what they can do.

7. There are opportunities for business in agriculture

Agriculture is highly dependent on land, which is incredibly politicised, which in turn makes agriculture or farming unattractive especially for youth without the political connections or financial capital.

8. Agriculture is a rapid avenue for employment

Apart from economic benefit, agriculture would contribute to GDP of most African states economy and the rest of the world.

9. Availability mobile applications to make farming easier

Nowadays, most young people in all countries over the world know how to use a mobile phone without training.  Interested in practicing right?

10. No Farmer No Food No Future!

Agriculture has enormous potential for eradicating poverty, needs youthful energy and passionate team players.

Picture credit: N.Palmer (CIAT)

This article was originally published on the Youth Village website.