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8 Reasons why Nutritious Food helps break the Cycle of Extreme Poverty

Flickr: Nevil ZaveriThat uncomfortable feeling when you’re so hungry you lose all control of your emotions. So convinced the world is conspiring against you, you lash out at whoever dares to cross your path. And so depleted of energy, you can no longer perform basic functions like rational decision making. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

I’ll be the first to say that the hangries are a real thing. On the same note, I recognize that this brief feeling of discomfort is nothing compared to what people who continually lack access to nutritious foods experience. Still, it’s not a bad jumping off point to try and understand what life is like for people living in extreme poverty. Just think, how much less would you be able to accomplish if you were in a perpetual state of hunger?

For this reason, Global Citizen has a history of campaigning to ensure food security for the world’s poor. That is to say, we’ve been working to increase access to food, and decrease undernourishment. But now, we’re shifting our focus slightly towardsmalnourishment. In addition to increasing food security, we want to make sure that the food people eat is nutritious. Having access to nutritious food is vital to ending the self sustaining cycles of extreme poverty. Here, I explain 8 reasons why both, food security, and good nutrition, are so important:

1. When mothers have access to nutritious food, they are more likely to have healthy, well-nourished newborn babies. And that’s big, because...

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