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Check the recording of the Youth in Agriculture's presentation with Courtney Paisley out!

#FoodTank webinar series with Courtney Paisley

On the 10th of December, 2014, Courtney Paisley, YPARD director, gave a 30 minute presentation on the role of youth in food and agriculture, as part of the growing Food Tank Exclusive Webinar Series.

“Young professionals need to be engaged in shaping the future of agriculture,” says Paisley. “The first step in attracting future young professionals is nurturing the ones we have now. Furthermore, we need to provide more young role models for future agriculturalists to look up to and so change their perceptions of agriculture.”

The presentation titled “Youth in Agriculture” was followed by a 15 minute question-and-answer session on Twitter with the hashtag #FoodTank. The webinar turned out to be a great success full of140 character-contributions through which some YPARD members such as Miriam Hird-Younger or Madan Poudel, among many other participants, highlighted the importance of youth´s role in building a more secure future.

Would you like to listen to Courtney´s presentation? Click here to check the Youth in agriculture´s recording out!