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I Was Ready – My journey as Global Landscapes Forum youth facilitator

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By Ayesha Constable, University of the West Indies and Youth Facilitator on the post-2015 Development Agenda

Being a member of the Global Landscapes Forum team was a great honor- put simply, it was a big deal. I had come upon the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) purely by chance. After deciding that I wanted to participate in the COP20 proceedings to be hosted in Peru, I actively for avenues to facilitate my participation. When I first came across the GLF website, I glossed over the requirements and expectations and decided half-heartedly to complete the application at a later date.

Truth be told, I, as I always do, doubted my eligibility for the role of both Youth Facilitator and Pitcher (read more about the Youth Session format here). Initially I also thought that the application form seemed a bit lengthy and I “didn’t have sufficient time” so I would wait on the “right time” to complete it. It was then that I recalled a session with a life coach in which he told the group that the ability and readiness to complete a form or any kind of application process was an indication of our readiness for the job/role for which we were applying.

With that in mind, I went back to the application, reaffirmed my readiness to be a Youth Facilitator and completed the form. My recollection of what happened between hitting the submit button and the time I got the email about the interview is quite blurry. I remember a few colleagues telling me how high profile it was and cautioning me not to get my hopes up as a lot of persons would be applying. I reassured myself with the popular Jamaican saying “wah a fi yu, cyaan be un-fi yuh”- which essentially translates to, what is meant to be yours, will be yours.

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