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ICT4Ag Hackathon – Springboarding young agricultural developers to new horizons

In November 2013, Gerald Otim of Ensibuuko and Peris Bosire of FarmDrive were two of the 20 participants competing in the first ever regional agri-hackathon. Fast forward nine months to July 2014, and these two are back at CTA's 2014 international conference, Fin4Ag, but this time they are as part of Plug & Play Day and as speakers in the main event.

Since ICT4Ag, Ensibuuko, FarmDrive and a number of other participants, have been incubated in partner ICT innovation hubs in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda, fine tuning their innovations and finding markets.

Being part of Plug & Play Day at Fin4Ag will expose these young start-ups to more potential investors as well as offering a fantastic opportunity to network and identify new opportunities.

The astonishing success and popularity of the ICT4Ag Hackathon, has lead CTA and its partners to look at how to establish a more long lasting initiative. The AgriHack initiative will be facilitated by the ARDYIS project and a first workshop will be held prior to Fin4Ag in July. Participants will look at how the 2013 hackathon model and process can be improved upon and will consider how to replicate the initiative in other regions and strengthen multistakeholder collaboration around it.

Although still in the fledgling stages, this idea which started out in East Africa is set to provide a highly desired launch platform for hundreds of young people around the ACP region with a dream to contribute to agricultural and rural development.

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