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Our Future is Here – Join the campaign

Our Future is Here is a global, youth-led campaign to raise awareness of the untapped potential of rural young people to feed nations, boost economies and end extreme poverty for good.

The campaign involves some of Africa’s brightest rising stars from dance and music to help capture the energy and creativity of young people to call on world leaders to invest in their futures.


TikTok, a media app for creating and sharing short videos, have joined the campaign and are helping to launch Dance For Change — a global dance challenge in support of creating more opportunities for young people in rural areas around the world.

Inspired by the message and opportunity to use its platform to share such an important cause, TikTok is bringing the issue to life through the innovative in-app hashtag campaign and will use its global reach to distribute it to its millions of monthly users.

IFAD will use the video creations to create a virtual petition and within its ongoing advocacy efforts to call on world leaders to increase funding for agriculture and create opportunities for young people in rural areas of Africa and developing countries around the world.

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