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YPARD joins Farming First coalition!

Weather vane - New partnership between Farming First coalition and YPARDYPARD is the newest supporter of Farming First.

This official partnership comes as a continuity of an ongoing collaboration. Since last May, Farming First and YPARD implemented a monthly youth blog series to invite Young professionals' perspectives on key agricultural topics. 

Why becoming a Farming First Supporter?

Uniting over 130 organisations, Farming First is one of the most diverse and active agricultural coalitions around the world. Its supporters represent the world’s farmers, scientists and engineers as well as agribusiness associations and non-governmental organisations.

Farming First was created to build consensus within the agriculture sector and drive awareness of agriculture’s crucial role within sustainable development. Together, Farming First coalition calls on decision-makers to embed a farmer-centric, science-based, dynamic approach for the agricultural sector into their policy and funding decisions.

By joining Farming First as a supporter, YPARD enables Young professionals to voice their own perspectives and discuss with major stakeholders and decision-makers, in support of sustainable agriculture.

Learn more about Farming First on their website.

Picture credit: Weather vane, by Mrspeel.