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Call for inputs by participants of the 3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting, Philippines 2012

The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) will take place on 26-28 September at The Heritage Hotel, Manila, the Philippines, hosted by the Asia-Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services (APIRASNetwork. The meeting will contribute to thematic exchange on rural advisory services (RAS) and give participants the opportunity to discuss GFRAS strategic directions and functioning. Exchange and learning will take place in plenary and parallel sessions, group discussions, and a field trip (tentative date: 27 September). Objectives of the meeting The objectives of the 3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting are:
  1. Understand and agree on the role of RAS in agricultural innovation systems (AIS)
  2. Strengthen RAS networks for results-oriented activities
  3. Update participants on progress in GFRAS
Expected participants All interested participants from around the world are welcome to the 3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting in 2012. Participants are expected from public and private sector, civil society, farmer organisations, and other fields. Main agenda items The role of rural advisory services in agricultural innovation systems In reaction to a changing political, social, and economic environment, RAS increasingly play a knowledge, service provision, and brokering role in AIS, helping actors such as farmer organisations, market players, research, and education to improve their activities and linkages. The 3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting will focus on how RAS contribute to success in AIS. Participants will discuss the importance of RAS, their role in the AIS, how this role can be adjusted to changing realities, capacities needed by individuals, organisations, and extension systems to perform this role, and which incentives and enabling environment are required. RAS fora: Strengthening networking for results GFRAS and regional RAS networks are engaged in exchange of experiences, creation of partnerships with AIS actors, and awareness raising on the importance of RAS. The RAS fora will discuss how their networking and collaboration can strengthen the role of RAS in AIS and rural development. Cross-regional sharing of experience and lessons learnt will support RAS fora in their future activities. Progress reporting on GFRAS activities As the central GFRAS event for discussing strategic directions and functioning, the meeting will be a space for progress reporting and planning. Recommendations to GFRAS and regional RAS fora from the 2nd GFRAS Annual Meeting in 2011 in Kenya and the Nairobi Declaration will be followed up. The GFRAS working groups and secretariat will present activities and results generated in 2012. Key documents will be validated. New approaches and issues of interest in RAS Participants will have the opportunity to share and discuss their own experience with peers during a share fair. This session will not focus on a specific theme, but rather help to identify new areas of interest and interaction. It will contribute to sharing of information and the creation of links and partnerships between participants. Find more information in the call and guidelines for inputs.  Call for inputs by participants Apart from group work on the role of RAS in AIS, participants have three opportunities to actively contribute to the 3rd GFRAS Annual Meeting:
  • Input to the plenary on experience and lessons learnt on RAS role in AIS
  • Contribution to the share fair on new approaches, projects, programmes, institutional and organisational arrangements, and policies in RAS.
  • Side events on regional and sub-regional RAS fora, on-going initiatives and other activities related to RAS.
Registration and funding
  • Participants can register online or by downloading the registration from.
  • Registration closes on 10 June for funded participants, 25 July for self-funded participants
  • Registration of inputs opens on 18 May and closes on 25 July
Logistics Logistical information can be found in a separate document. For more information, click on this Link