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Call for Proposals: Assessing the impacts of international agricultural research on nutrition and health in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

BackgroundDespite a renewed interest in agricultural development, the global extent of malnutrition and poor health remain persistent challenges. The agriculture-health-nutrition nexus is multi-faceted. For example, farming is the primary source of income (and calories and nutrients) for most of the rural poor, agriculture-related diseases and health losses are significant in many countries, and labour productivity on the farm depends on workers’ health and nutrition status. These linkages suggest scope for leveraging agriculture for improving nutrition and health. This implies redesigning agricultural practices, research and policies to enhance health and nutrition benefits. Levers may range from changing crops or crop varieties to integrating agricultural, nutrition and health sectors at the policy level. Impacts may be direct, for example via dietary changes or changes in nutritional value of food consumed, or indirect, e.g., via changes in income or food prices.Program scopeThis call for proposals is motivated by the need to broaden and deepen the evidence base regarding the potential for agriculture research and development to leverage health and nutrition benefits. The intention is to complement, not to duplicate, on-going work in the A4NH and other CGIAR research programs, and to give priority to areas that until now are relatively “under-evaluated.” This prominently includes activities related to measuring the impact of research-derived interventions that plausibly impact on nutrition and health. Further, to enhance synergies and coherence across individual projects, this impact assessment program has a geographical focus on sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. This call focuses in on the following two themes: Theme 1: Changes in crops, varieties, technologies and farm practices.Theme 2: Changes in markets, value chains, and consumer demand.Details of this call is found here.Email concept notes to: Erwin Bulte, no later than 5pm CET, Friday 20th September 2013
CGIAR Standing Panel on Impact Assessment