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Food Connection Challenge 2018

Are you an SME in Nigeria or Benin, active in the agri & food sector and struggling with issues related to storing, processing, cleaning, grading, handling or transporting of (processed) agricultural products?

Join the Food Connection Challenge!

In 2018, the Food Connection Challenge calls upon SMEs in Nigeria and Benin to submit their innovative ideas to reduce post-harvest losses. You will benefit from workshops, training sessions, innovation jams and remote coaching to improve your ideas and turn them into a business plan that is ready to be implemented. The best plans will be pitched at a final event. If you win you will receive matching funding from the Postharvest Network to realize your plans, up to a maximum of €20,000.

Ready for the challenge?

From April 9th – May 18th, 2018: Register online

June: Selection of participants by an independent committee

July: Participants receive a 3 – day business training

September: 1 – day innovation session to improve business cases

September / October: Participants work on their ideas through (remote) coaching

November / December: Participants receive a pitch training

December: The grand finale, where participants present their ideas and winners are selected

Additional Resources

Fact sheet Food Connection Challenge – Post-harvest losses in Nigeria

Selection criteria and selection process

Frequently Asked Questions 


The Food Connection Challenge is an initiative of BoP Innovation Center and Crosswise Works. Two separate challenges take place simultaneously in Nigeria and Benin. For more information on the challenge in Nigeria, contact Alexander Bongers (, and for the challenge in Benin, contact Sedjro Mensah (

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