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Launch Your Startup on the Ampion Venture Buses

Ampion is a pan-African NGO dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and technological innovation and the winner of the Global Ecosystem innovation award from Silicon Valley. With a vision to be a globally recognized catalyst for private sector driven economic growth that promotes impactful and sustainable development throughout the African continent, Ampion lanched the The Venture Bus journey to connect entrepreneurial talent with international investors.The program brought some of Africa’s most innovative companies to life, with over 30 tech-centered startups having emerged from the Ampion Venture Buses.Among them are companies such as, MobiDawa and SaiSai. The Venture Bus follows a refined program, implementing design thinking methods to support the startup development process with HPI & Stanford trained facilitators.Ampion is inviting entreprenuers to launch their own Startup in Africa – the fastest growing mobile market world-wide— If you’re up for a new challenge & opportunity to be on the cutting edge of startup growth and entrepreneurship, then check out Ampion and their 7 days Venture Bus programs covering 16 African nations and  focussing on GreenTech, FinTech, AgriTech&hardware, eHealth and women empowerment.
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