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NIRAS’ young professional academy


NIRAS is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy company with over 1400 employees located in offices in Europe, Asia and Africa. NIRAS business is to provide impartial consultancy in a variety of fields such as construction and infrastructure, public utilities, environmental and natural resources, climate change and energy, planning, and development consulting. 

NIRAS' fields of consulting includes: climate change, EU policies for transition countries, forestry, land administration, rural livelihoods, agriculture and food, agribusiness, agricultural policy and institutional reforms, rural livelihoods and food security, sustainable production and food safety, urban development, water, etc.

Working with NIRAS to Build Your Career

The NIRAS Young Professional Academy (NYPA) is a 2 years progressive programme. Through intensive on-the-job training and theoretical modules you will learn how to win international development consulting projects and become familiar with all stages of their management

  • Young Professionals (YPs) will receive training on NIRAS’ tendering and project management processes and tools as well as on general methodologies and approaches commonly used in consultancy assignments. 
  • YPs will throughout the programme develop their skills through practical training on our ongoing assignments – mainly within tendering, but also on project management and consultancy. Hence, the aim is to give as many YPs as possible the opportunity to join short-term field missions for a fact finding or to backstop an on-going NIRAS project in a developing or middle income country.
  • Through tasks and deployments YPs will build a large network among our colleagues in European offices as well as outside Europe.
  • YPs will be exposed to NIRAS’ range of technical competence areas, and senior experts in these fields. 
  • Where applicable the YP will be clustered in his/her respective technical work area.
  • Upon successful completion of the Programme qualified and YPs will be offered a fulltime position within NIRAS International Consulting (Business Unit of NIRAS).

What does it take to qualify and enter the Academy?

  • Master's degree in a discipline relevant to the competence areas and operations of NIRAS International Consulting 
  • One to three years of relevant experience in the context of development cooperation in one of your competence areas (e.g. from consulting firm, studies, internships in voluntary organisations, NGOs, development agencies, foreign ministries, bilateral or multilateral organisations or other work abroad)
  • Excellent spoken and written English is a requirement 
  • Working knowledge in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. is an advantage
  • An open minded personality, used to or ready to learn to work with different groups and nationalities, always showing respect for all
  • A flexible mind-set, especially when it comes to taking up travel with short notice
  • In addition, NIRAS values highly motivated individuals with great personalities and a positive attitude.

Where are Young Professionals Posted?

YPs will be contracted by and based in NIRAS’ office in Belgrade, Serbia. During the last year this might be changed according to the need at the time and instead a contract in one of the other main offices might be offered.

Besides, each YP will be assigned to a “Mentoring” office in one of the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Germany.

Apart from working in Serbia and mentoring office, the programme will provide YPs the opportunity to work in other NIRAS offices in Europe as well as undertake a minimum of two assignments to NIRAS offices or projects in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and/or Latin America..

Conditions of Service  

YPs enter as trainees and move forward passing various stages. YPs must pass an evaluation at each stage to fully complete the programme. Upon successful completion and subject to job openings at the time outstanding YPs will be offered a NIRAS permanent staff position as Project Manager and/ or consultant.

NIRAS reserves the right to modify the NYPA programme’s schedule and content

If accepted to the program, what kind of package can a candidate expect?

  • An employment contract in Serbia with a salary according to Serbia standards and cost of living
  • 2 x air tickets to your home country, if not Serbia, per year
  • Air ticket for approved travels (mobilisation, demobilisation and duty travel). Travel must be arranged with NIRAS travel agent.
  • Accommodation or allowance and per diem during duty travel
  • A travel insurance package for duty travel will be provided
  • A private health care insurance giving you access to private hospitals and doctors in Belgrade and Serbia.  

The Selection Schedule for the 2017 Programme

December – January: Applications are received and reviewed

January 31: Deadline for Application

February: Shortlisted YPs will be invited for interview

March: Selected YPs will be notified

April-May: Selected YPs will be asked to attend pre-training and go through a final qualifying test. Practical preparation including some of YPs, e.g. working permits, housing

June 4: Start of programme

Application Process

Applications are now being received for the 2017 programme intake. Please follow this link to apply.

Applications will be treated with strict confidence.

Picture credit: NIRAS Young Professional Academy

For more details visit here the NIRAS website.