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Open Data Research Symposium for agriculture and nutrition at GODAN Summit

The GODAN Summit (15-16 September 2016, New York) is the first global conference organized by GODAN, convening all interested in the opening, the use, and the impact of agriculture and nutrition data.

At the GODAN Summit open data researchers and practitioners will have the opportunity to discuss their latest findings at the "Open Data Research Symposium". 
We are calling for research contributions on all aspects of open data activity in the sector, covering but not limited to:

  • Release (release of open data sets in particular fields e.g. water, soil, meteorology, market, nutritional content of food, etc.)
  • Interoperability (standards, vocabularies, semantics, etc.)
  • Governance (discussions of privacy, security, ownership, etc.)
  • Impact (application of open data with a demonstrable impact or methods to track impact)
  • Policy tools (informing policy makers and other policy actors, monitoring tools, etc.)
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