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Ph.D. Dissertation Scholarships in Environment and Development Economics for Bangladesh

The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) and the Asian Center for Development (ACD) seek to offer Ph.D. Dissertation Scholarships in the field of environment and development economics for 2014. This program focuses on Bangladeshi researchers who may be interested in undertaking Ph.D. dissertation research in three prioritized areas: a) Ecosystem Management; b) Economics of Climate Change; and c) Policies and Programs for Greening Development.

SANDEE is a regional network that supports research on the inter-linkages among economic development, poverty, and environmental change in South Asia. In a bid to attract researchers into the field of environment-development economics and to identify policy solutions to the many environmental challenges facing Bangladesh, SANDEE is launching a Ph.D. Dissertation Support Scholarship program. The Asian Center for Development (ACD) will manage the scholarship program for SANDEE in Bangladesh.

Ph.D. candidates located both inside and outside Bangladesh are eligible to apply for the dissertation support grants. A key objective is to encourage students who are overseas to return to Bangladesh. Thus, priority will be given to Bangladeshi Ph.D. students studying outside the country who are interested in doing field research in Bangladesh. Selected scholars will need to sign a contract with the Asian Center for Development to receive support.

Grant support will cover: a) two round-trips air-fare to Bangladesh; b) Field Survey Expenditure; and c) a monthly subsistence allowance to support the scholar during his/her period of stay in Bangladesh. In addition, ACD will arrange to place scholars in one of three local host institutions (BCAS, ICCCAD and ACD), who will provide office and internet facilities.

Interested participants must submit their Ph.D. research proposal in a specific format with recommendation from their supervisor. For details on submission please visit

The deadline for submissions is October 30, 2014. Selected candidates will be notified by Nov 30, 2014.

For rules and regulation please visit 

Ph.D. Dissertation Scholarships in Environment and Development Economics for Bangladesh