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Meet YPARD Mentee: Emmanuela Clinton

Emmanuela Clinton, CEO Nuela Clintons Farm, located in Aniocha South Local Government Area in Delta State, Nigeria story for agriculture is not one that you hear everyday.

A Bachelors of Economics graduate from Covenant University, Emmanuela worked in Lagos before starting her poultry farm in January, 2013 . In a period of two years, she has managed to gracefully from her birds from 100 birds to 2000 birds.

Why poultry you ask? Well here is her narration

“On the 10th of September 2012 my birthday, I asked God to give me a birthday gift, as I was reading through the bible that morning. God told me that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were farmers and He multiplied their cattle. I told God I cannot rear cattle and then came the idea of poultry. I do not have a background in Agriculture; it’s simply an inspiration from God.
“I attend seminars and practical training on poultry farming. Recently, I travelled to Dubai for an International Conference on Poultry Farming. All these help me to improve my skills and do my business more effectively.”

Position: CEO Nuela Clintons Farm

Education: Masters in Management Science, Covenant University

Country: Nigeria

The major challenge she faces on her farm is high demand for the products and hence the need for expansion. At the moment, she has over 2000 birds that lay eggs producing about 52 crates daily. Several times she gets daily orders of 200 to 300 crates and has to source from other farmers whom I trust their products to meet my demand.

Her expectations coming to the online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs is to grow her business to the extent of being recognised internationally. In addition, she wants to radically inspire more youths to passionately go into poultry farming as a business.

Presently,she is also consulting for several clients including the Delta State Government.