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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - May

YPARD 2017 Annual Report is out!

YPARD is proud to share its YPARD 2017 annual report .The year was vibrant with continued activities geared towards achieving the network objectives  which saw the network strengthen its operational processes with some exciting results.

Welcoming YPARD Peru country representative: Flor de María Prado

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD Peru country representative,Flor de María Prado, a graduate of the Pacifico University Perú with a Bachelors degree in Administration.

Welcoming YPARD South Africa Representative: Tshiamo Dichabe

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD South Africa representative, Tshiamo Dichabe a graduate with a B.Com Marketing degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Foresight4food: Three lessons for better fishing

YPARD director,Myriam Perez, reports back from her participation at the Foresight for Food workshop in Montpellier. The workshop sought to develop a clear strategy for how food systems foresight could better meet the needs of policy, business, and civil society at different scales.


YPARD Philippines:  Youth-in-agriculture mentoring program

Delve into the YPARD Philippines Youth-in-Agriculture mentoring program, a year-long scheme that aims to bring together students and young professionals in agriculture to match them with agriculture experts from various subfields that YPARD Philippines focuses on in its youth-in-agriculture agenda.

YPARD Ghana: Domesticating the eCapacities Africa Platform in Ghana

YPARD Ghana successfully signed a letter of cooperation with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa ( FARA ) for “domestication of the data population and local management of the eCapacities™ platform ”. The platform will foster online collaborative and interactive engagement by African organizations on agribusiness, investment, human capital and production data in the agricultural sector.

YPARD Serbia: Propelling the voice of youth - Young farmers in Serbia and EU

YPARD Serbia country representative attended the third International conference on “Young farmers in Serbia and EU” organized by the Serbian association of young farmers with the aim of exploring potential for partnerships with associations and organizations with similar cause as YPARD.

YPARD Kenya: Campaigning for conservation

Phidel Arunga, a YPARD Kenya member, reports back from participating in a twelve days workshop organized by the Campaign for Conservation and whose training objectives were on the theory and practice of social marketing and “Behavior Change Continuum” concepts.

YPARD Bangladesh: Nutrition Olympiad 2018

YPARD Bangladesh team members joined in the event as one of the partners in the Asia region Nutrition Olympiad. The event was hosted with the objective to build a national platform for youth and other relevant stakeholders for knowledge sharing and to demonstrate the potential of youth in nutrition activities towards improving diets and addressing malnutrition.

YPARD Uganda: Celebrating action for biodiversity: Q&A with a pioneering young conservationist

To mark International Day for Biological Diversity, YPARD Uganda representative, Paul Zaake, was interviewed by UNEP and shares more on the importance of biodiversity and how young people can take part in it.

YPARD Armenia: Agribusiness students and cooperatives

YPARD Armenia members recently held field trips to various cooperatives in the country with the aim of understanding the overall situation, what rights and responsibilities are assigned to their members especially from the young people point of view.

YPARD Nepal in Bhairahawa Food Fair

In order to promote the nutritional values of traditional foods and to disseminate the information on various aspects of food, the Ministry of Agricultural Development, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC), regional office Bhairahawa organized a 3 days Food Fair in Bhairahawa dated from  22nd Feb 2018 to 24th Feb 2018.

YPARD launched in North-West Nigeria

Awareness about agriculture is steadily gaining momentum among young people in Africa particularly in Nigeria. Concrete efforts are being made by governments and the private sector including, NGOs and civil societies, on possible ways to engage and make youth the main drivers of agricultural and YPARD Nigeria is not being left behind.


YPARD 2017 annual report

Read YPARD’s 2017 annual report to grasp all the year's YPARD activities, on local, national, regional and global levels.

Young people in a changing world: Youth and Rural Advisory Services (RAS)

This GFRAS Issue Paper discusses how RAS can become more directly relevant and be tailored to the circumstances of young people today. It outlines the broad rural and agricultural context facing young people today, the trends and the opportunities open to youth.