Special slot for young web managers and online communicators in the #TOCS2014 Workshop !

1010101000“Online media is becoming increasingly important for any company, organisation or institute. If you don’t have an online presence, you don’t exist. Social media, websites, online data repositories, intranets, mobile technologies - all make our “online publishing” diverse and exciting. Today’s fast-paced online technology in an interactive and inter-connected world also means that “the work is never finished.” Peter Casier, the TOCs’ agitator, says.

The Technical Online Communicators (TOCs)’ community is an active group of online communicators from over 20 different organisations, within the CGIAR networks and beyond, including the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD). Since their first workshop in 2013, the team has carried on working together online on common challenges they face. Through virtual discussions, the group broke down new common issues into a series of interesting topics for a face-to-face workshop.

Some examples:

  • Building web applications and mobile apps
  • The art of mobile web design
  • Task management and bug tracking, version control practices
  • WordPress integration with existing systems and applications
  • Active directory support for Content Management Systems (CMSs)
  • XML-based site migration
  • Prototyping tools for the initial webpage design
  • The art of webcasting
  • Productivity tools for web developers
  • Intranet development using Sharepoint 365
  • Web security (including development of minimum standards)
  • Website optimization
  • Analytics measuring and reporting
  • MySQL database tuning/optimization
  • HTML5 and CSS3…

Applications for #TOCS2014 are now open, with waived registration fee for two YPARD members!

The workshop will be held on September 15-19 2014, at Bioversity International (Rome, Italy).

The CGIAR grants free access to the workshop to two selected YPARD members. (you save US$1,500, which includes the cost for the venue, facilitation, external experts, onsite meals and support). The two selected YPARD members will have to cover the cost for travel, accommodation and offsite meals. We give you some tips on how to apply for sponsorship here.

Registrations are open for young Technical Online Communicators (e.g. web managers and online media technicians), up to 40 years old.

Apply to be one of the two selected YPARD members benefitting from the waived registration fee for this workshop, via email to YPARD :  with subject line: [TOCS2014 application]. Please include a CV and letter of motivation (not more than 1 page each). Please do tell about your relevant background as a “TOC” and how you think you would benefit from this key opportunity for your future projects. Please do specify that you understand that you will have to cover your own expenses for travel, accommodation and offsite meals.

Read the general call for application to the workshop submitted by Peter Casier, Online Media Consultant, CGIAR Consortium Shared Services, on behalf of the TOCS Community of Practice

Picture credit: Flavio Takemoto, Brazil, Computer Binary Coding