Green Farm, Green Food

A vast number of food systems are included in a path from producing in farm to consumption in plate.

In recent years, as a result of access to modern technologies, the food systems have been changed. 100 years ago, all of foods were organic and distributed in local markets, but nowadays most of them are grown in chemical ecosystems for sale in far markets. In conventional farming methods, low quality produce is grown because of genetically modified seeds, preservatives and huge amount of waste is being produced in post-harvest stages.

In “Green Farm, Green Food”  campaign, a joint initiative of YPARD Iran and KSNGOs, people have been made aware about importance of food systems from the beginning to the end. This has also been made possible through the Slow Food movement Green guide which introduces different organic, natural and healthy products to those looking for them.

The “Green Guide” also acts as a connection between consumers, dealers and producers to make it more convenient to find eco-friendly products in the markets.  

The campaign has been ongoing for the last three months and it culminated to the  unveiling of the Green Guide book in line with YPARD's 10th years anniversary through a local cooking contest. Three rewards were given to the winners of the contest with  atspeakers talked about foods quality and local foods. 

See below a collection of photos from the event.