Lets Rock the Youth With #CFS43 Social Media Bootcamp!

The impact of social media has increased dramatically on every level of humanity. Twitter, Facebook and any type of social networking is used in variety even sometimes unimaginable ways for studying, working or marketing. A research shows that an average person in 2015 has five social media accounts and spends around 1 and half hour in the network every day.

Then, it makes a complete sense why The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and the Global Forum on Agriculture Research (GFAR) are coming together to boost the social media outreach for 43rd session of the CFS (#CFS43) on 17-21 October 2016, Rome. Social media will be used one of the main tools to inform public about world food security and sustainable development issues. CFS43 is an important platform for everyone working the agriculture field and a bridge to connect the stakeholders in one place. CFS43 will be organized under topic: Sustainable development of food security and nutrition: what roles of livestock? And will cover various topics including improvement of market access for smallholders, guidelines on responsible governance in livestock sector, urbanization and many more related to sustainable development. 

Global food security partially depends on the sustainability of agriculture sector. Therefore, increased youth involvement in the agriculture sector is crucial in the meantime when the sector keeps aging. Young people, especially in developing countries are “escaping” from the rural areas thinking that agriculture is not modern and trendy for them. In tackling this rather social issue, the “trendy” social media use is needed. 

Agriculturists from Young Professionals for Agriculture Development (YPARD) will join the social media team of GFAR to get insight tips and trick on how to ROCK! the youth in the agriculture sector with social media. The excitement is getting real as social media guru’s, professionals and even “newbies” will come together to live report the CFS43 meeting to make the important issues be heard around the world! For sure it will not be an easy task for newbies, like me, but little sweat will kill nobody! 

Everyone could expect a high level output from the #CFS43, as participants at all level are super hyper already, showing full excitement and energy through shared emails and ideas. Engaging and obtaining interest from different people is not an easy rather challenging task, but with ROCK spirit of YPARDs and GFAR’s team, I am sure it will go smoothly. 

Let’s Rock at CFS43 and show the world what we got! 

Photo credits:  Momofactor, and Pinterest

This blog post is part of the CFS 43  YPARD social reporters' project supported by GFAR . The content, structure and grammar is at the discretion of the author only.